Do you think this game is good?

Hello, developers

I would like to publish a game where you can sell your assets.
I’m about to make this public next week!
Do you think thats a good game?
Please vote, thank you very much!

Psst be honest and also say why in the replies

  • Yea, its good!
  • Nah, i’m sorry
  • I’m in the middle

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Be careful hate that stuff, u will be monetized for such game like pls donate

what do you mean by “sell assets”

Explain the benefit of this game over the Creator Marketplace or the Talent Hub

Sell shirts, t-shirt, ugc or more

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It just sounds like another copy of pls donate or whatever it’s called.
I think there’s just too much oversaturation of the idea for another game like this to have success(unless you’re willing to pour thousands of robux into advertising just to get a bit of a playerbase). If I see 1000 burger restuarants that are all the same and a McDonald’s in the middle, I’ll just go to McDonald’s.


That’s basically just the catalogue, but you have to be in a game to access it. I don’t see a point here.

I would say its a creative and unique idea! May not appeal to Roblox because in cases like such selling assets for money or real life money may seem like you are breaking rules.