Do you think this is a good game idea?

I did some thinking about making another game than a showcase. I did some research, scrolling around in the dev forum for game ideas. I found one. The game idea I’m thinking of is painting game. The game would have a blank canvas waiting for the player to paint on it. I’m thinking about having a lot of colors in it so people can paint like there painting in real life. I don’t think this will be easy to make but do you think it is a good idea?


Honestly, no. Two reasons;

One) of course there’s no way to stop inappropriate drawing besides community help (vote kick). People could get you game taken down if they really wanted too.

Two, this game has been made multiple times, your version really doesn’t differ from other games. People just paint, it’s a common theme.


I honestly think it’s a great idea, but it’s not very unique, just like @ScytheSlayin said. So, In the similar games, it’s a Guess game. Instead, you could create a painting group which would contain a game with painting competitions and moderators to make sure there is no inappropriate content. You could set up some pre-set themes, and if a moderator is there, he/she could invent themes so they do not get repetitive. You could also host monthly competitions, where the winner would rank up. Rank ideas:
New Painter
Experienced Painter
Talented Painter
Professional painter
And the rest would be your choice.

Hope this helps!

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It’s a cool game concept, but there are many games like it nowadays. Try adding a spin to it - such as a voting round/game modes, then maybe it will give it an upper hand to the other painting games.


I’d say no. First off as @ScytheSlayin said, People could easily get it taken down by drawing inappropriate drawings. and secondly, There are many more painting games with actual objectives besides just painting (Like Paint n’ guess) I don’t think people would go to a ROBLOX game to paint rather than just pulling up a painting app on their desktop.

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Seen countless of games exactly as you describe, you would need to have a unique thing about your games that separates it and makes it better than competitors, best of luck though.

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How about adding more professional tools like airbrush and smudging, so that people can create highly realistic paintings like people do with the Animal Jam Painting tool? Blow all of Roblox away!

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