Do you think this sounds good?

Do you think this sounds good?.
I used Google Labs for this.
It is not finished but I want to know if it sounds good or not.

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It is rhythmically incomprehensible, mostly clumsy and could be worked on with a steady kick pattern. Usually the kicks are played in a specific and fixed pattern and sometimes not(breakbeat). You want the listener to find the beginning of 1 bar, or 4 beats.

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It’s good I guess.

I’d rate it a 8.9/10.

Keep up the good work!

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This is my final!

Some parts can be polished. Phrasing can also be improved to guide the listener. As of now, I’m unsure of where the downbeat is. Good effort tho!

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It is much better, but I feel the snare drum, or what ever percussion instrument is unnecessary and kind of throws off the music a bit.

Are you guys talking about this one?

idk it sounds a bit like chaos using google isnt really a good idea.

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My song doesn’t have a downbeat. This song is only supposed to play for a little while in my game