Do you think too much water will lag?

Hi, I just filled like 100Kx100K studs full of water
Will this lag?
If so, changing waterwavespeed to 0 will reduce lag?

Why would you need that much? That’s 200x the size of a default baseplate…

That’ll definitely lag!!!

Lol yes, it’s just a big openworld game.
Just need to know if it would impact performance too much

Too much of anything will cause lag, only put water where it would be necessary.

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That would cause lag no matter what your settings are. Use a large part instead.

Why do you need this much for a big openworld game? Is the game just water or what?

What exactly are you trying to achieve with this amount of water? If I might ask?

Yes, briefly. I added terrain water to my game as large as possible and it lags for a minute or two before gameplay is smooth again. StreamingEnabled may help.

(I’m working on remaking this, probably without terrain water)

I know from past experiences that it will definitely lag.
A way i reduced lag though is i did my initial building, then terrain around it.
I’d try not to do toooooo much terrain either.

I’d recommend try to add the less water as possible.

  • It will cause lag if you add too much, it might even be possible for players to crash.
  • It might make players dislike because of the lag.
  • It might make players not join your game anymore.