Do you use the same remote event when communicating Server -> Client and Client -> Server?

When you have already created a Remote event for a given topic and you need 2 way remote event communication on this topic between the client and the server, do you create 1 server event and 1 client remote event or you use the same remote event and send it either from the server, either from the client but with different parameters?

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You might want to look into Remote Functions if you need 2-way communication between client-server, that’s exactly what they’re for.
It is possible to use just one remote event for both sides but it’s not recommended.

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If you want 2 way communication, its better to use a remote function since you can fire from one side and return a value from the other

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if im actually answering the question, it doesnt matter. but otherwise u could use remote functions

Remote Functions and Events :heart_eyes:

Why isn’t using a ‘RemoteEvent’ instance for client-to-server and server-to-client communication recommended?

May be I did not ask my question clearly. I need both Server to client Remote event and Client to server remote event, but they are not happening at the same time, that’s why I will use Remote event not Remote function.
As both are related to the same logical topic however, I wonder what is the recommended approach - to create 1 common Remote event or to create one event for the server and one for the client?
Example: I send a remote event from server to the client to show GUI dialog and then send remote event from client to the server, when the client interacts with this dialog.

Ya just use one remote event, it doesnt change anything