Docking Updates [Full Release]

I appreciate the notes and patience. Just to be clear are you talking about the ability to do this?


My request to the dev team is to make this the new layout scheme which I think will get you there:



i agree,

i hated when explorer, properties & output closes themselves

toolbox constantly expands itself & terrain editor keeps on opening

when will the fix be released?

Have you tried changing these settings? Does it change or improve the behavior?

Our engineers have been spread thin working on higher priority stuff so I don’t have an ETA but we do have a backlog of improvements and fixes we want to make sooner than later.

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This did fix my layout being messed up between sessions. Thanks for making this solution visible!


Hey Paul,

Thank you for your continued efforts on this issue.

Can you clarify what steps we should take today to get consistent layouts in test mode (where I spawn a new server and add players)? I am unable to get a consistent layout, and it is a killer in my DX.

I have tried a combination of having the “Load all Built-In plugins in Test Mode” and “Load User Plugins in Test mode” both enabled and both disabled, restarting studio by spawning a new test server and making my changes (then hitting “cleanup”, and closing studio), and just repeating my changes many times. No matter what I do, studio seems to reset my layout every time I create a new test server.

Is there plans for an option alike making studio copy my normal layout over to Test Mode instances of studio (both the server and player views)?
Today, when I start a new Test Server, it takes me a minute or two to change the layout of Test Mode instances to the same layout that I have when I edit in studio. I want the layout to remain the same – just as it does when I close one game and open another.

even with both enabled, it just resets every time

Yes the intended behavior is we save your layouts per mode. Unfortunately we’ve just not the had the time or people to get back on this since we came out of Beta. But it’s something I’m tracking and we’ll get someone looking back into it soon (I hope!)

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