Docking windows is unreliable in studio (specifically the output window)

In the last few days, docking windows in studio seems to have unreliable.

  1. Undock output
  2. Try to redock output

It doesn’t want to redock! There’s a hack right now to get around this!

  1. Dock window ontop of another (UI hint may not show, but that’s ok)
  2. Undock from there, and now docking works as expected

Here’s a video of this behavior. This is on a 1080p monitor. Other people have reported this bug too.

This appears to happen on other windows too, like the explorer and other windows.


I’ve also been experiencing this issue recently. Specifically with Output, Explorer, and Properties. Very pesky.


Worst of all, these are the 3 most used windows, so, its specially irritating when it happens.

I’ve had this bug to a similar extent, where once properties is undocked from below the explorer, you can no longer dock it like that again (split top and bottom) and only just put them together as tabs on the same area. It’s mildly infuriating, slows my work down noticably and I haven’t found a way to reinstall studio entirely fresh so it goes back to normal.

At first I thought it was semi-intentional, or at least an “expected” result of the layout and how it works so I didn’t end up reporting it here. Everything on the left side has no troubles splitting into multiple parts like that, so it doesn’t make sense it can’t do it on the right.

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As a workaround, if you double click on a sub-window title bar, it will redock. Not where you want it to go, but at least it joins the window again.


I know this thread is really old, but I just wanted to say that this is still happening in studio and it’s very annoying. A workaround for this is to temporarily to into fullscreen mode inside of studio then dock the windows.