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About Me

Hello! I’m Doctor_Derpe and I’m an active, artist that draws digitally for over 8 months and as I’m writing this (18/08/2019), I’ve joined Dev Forums!


Soon gonna post my commissions!

I think I gonna have nice time being here! :smile:


Welcome to the Developer Forum! :grinning:

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Welcome aboard to the dev forums btw I like the art style

Thank you!

I think I will fit here!

Thank you for nice things about my art style! I’m still trying to have fun with it :smiley:

Vouch! Derpie’s really committed to art.

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Welcome to the forums, would be nice to include some pricing.
And have a nice stay here. :slight_smile:
If you need help, check template here:


Writing commission sheet right at this moment :eyes:

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Thanks for these nice words :relaxed:

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