DoctorPurple's Programming Portfolio


About Me

Hey, I’m DoctorPurple, a programmer. I’ve been on Roblox since 2014, initially tried building, as it was fun and simple, but eventually turned to programming because of the many things I could do with it, especially the possibility that, I, could create my own games, always enticed me.


I’ve been programming on the platform for a great amount of time, and here is some proof of my ability/work.

A WIP game about building trains

Another game I’m also making by myself with some examples of (WIP) work

WIP placement with collision, connectable surfaces. and other features

Train movement

Rotating turrets that shoot explosive projectiles

Cardboard Aliens, a game I've made and Released on my own:

Having released a game is an incredibly helpful experience that should be valued as it guarantees proper handling of bugs performance and polish.
The game also presents UI, sound design, 3D modeling, building and effects made all by me with very few exceptions which could allow me to work independently if needed.

The game can be played/inspected here: Cardboard Aliens - Roblox

Notable features on the game:

Custom, resource effective pathfinding:

Boss Enemy

Item purchase interface

other features
-round system
-player data storing
-simple 2d placement system with items that can be destroyed by enemies
-placeable automated turrets

Personal projects and other

here’s a personal project that showcases a car with gears, drag, constraints, and independent realistic gravity.

vehicle model for demonstration, not made by me

projectile based weapon system

I always guarantee my code is readable to anyone, and attempt to make it as modular as ideal. I have a decent understanding of how code should be handled within teams, and also guarantee to always future proof code from exploits and fix most bugs early on.


I’m available to work ~20 hours a week, mostly on weekends. My time zone is UTC -4.
Can do either part-time or commissions.


Payment can be discussed depending on the job, but I do not accept percentage payment on titles that don’t yet generate revenue.


You can contact me here on the Dev Forum, on the Talent Hub,
or on Twitter at (