Documenting code auto-completion in the same way as Roblox does

The title explains itself: How can I document my code auto-completion in the same way as built-in functions are implemented? For example:

Custom implementation:

Built-in function with documentation and code snippet:

I know there’s a website ( explaining Luau’s type engine, but it doesn’t seem to provide any information about implementing code auto-completion in the same way built-in functions are implemented.

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You can achieve this using ScriptEditorService. I would give you a code example, but I don’t use the service often.

You would need to make a plugin for it to work however.

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Do you know of any existing plugin that is capable of interacting with this service?

There’s a few, (this one most notably). There’s a feature request that I recommend supporting that advocates for this particular feature (without using a plugin or ScriptEditorService)

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