Dodge Ball game Support!

I made this ball script, Basically when i throw it and it lands i want it to bounce and to stop moving, but it keeps on moving until Debris() removes it, this is the code i got

print('{PlayerEventModule}: Line: ','l')..', Reached ThrowBall Keyframe Signal!')
				local BallClone = Ball.Handle:Clone()
				BallClone.CanCollide = true
				BallClone.Parent = workspace
				BallClone.CFrame = Ball.Handle.CFrame
				BallClone.CFrame =, mouseDirection)
				local BodyVelocity ='BodyVelocity', BallClone)
				BodyVelocity.MaxForce =,BallThrowPower,BallThrowPower)
				BodyVelocity.Velocity = BallClone.CFrame.lookVector * 150
				Ball.Handle.Transparency = 1
				Debris:AddItem(BallClone, 3.5)

Any tips?, i want it to stop after it hits the ground, this just keeps moving, even after BV was desroyed!


i think u can use BallClone.Touched and when this funtion fired activate Anchored BallClone.Anchored = true

and one more thing don’t use wait(.1) instead use task.wait(.1) is more recommended

Anchor is gonna make it freeze in spot tho, not really what im looking for, i want it to stop moving, but if u touch it with character it still has moveability, not just straight locked in position

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