Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (2018)

Hello, I am starting to learn how to make more detailed cars in blender. This is my second attempt. Any feedback or tips? I’m looking to make it better in general.


Looks incredible for a second attempt although there seem to be a lot of random sharp edges. I suggest using a plane with a subdivision and a solidify modifier and extruding that into the shape of a car. it makes the car much smoother and then you can use edge crease for edges you want to be sharp.


I tried using subdivision modifier, I’m personally not a fan. I’m not trying to look realistic, just look similar to low-poly. Kinda Jailbreak themed if you know what there cars look like.

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I quite like the low poly look, and it looks really good. A few things. The headlights seems to be very chunky and sticking out. Maybe try to smooth them out and make them thinner? The mirrors also seem to be very chunky, and don’t fit the curvy style of SRT Challenger. See below. Otherwise, really like it. Nice job!

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