Does a Circle tree fit in a nature environment without looking too low poly

i created a tree that uses multiple spheres for the upper part of the tree, ive created two variant of the trees which the difference is the bottom part, im seeing your opinion on these if a tree like this fits in a nature environment without looking too low poly.

and im looking to see if anyone know anything i could add to improve on this.


Are you going for a low-poly look or a more realistic look.
#1 looks great for low-poly, but I’d reduce the trunks diameter a little bit.
A trick I’ve used is to add a couple more smaller diameter cylinders at the bottom that angle out about 5 degrees and just taper slightly out of the trunk to make it look wider and more like its spreading out into roots.

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Well, as i see (if) you’re going with the style of low poly, which i used before, I say to use some images out there for inspiration and try your best to make it cartoonish as much as it can, and not only that, details play a crucial role as well.

i am going for a bit of a low poly but as i said im not trying to make it too low poly but more of a mix of blocky and low poly, the thing i have about details is that i will add some but not overdue it,
i will actually try to make a variety of trees with different shapes.

im going for a bit of a low poly and with a mix of blocky hence why i made the 2nd image’s trunk square
and it kinda makes it a bit more realistic aswell, i might also change the trunks diameter and add extra trunks for the 1st one i dont know how adding roots to a tree like that would add some natureness unless its a fully developed one but i will try.

The root suggestion was just that, a suggestion.
If you look at the base of most trees it does widen out. Of course trying to do that with just stacking wider cylinders would look kind of strange.
My suggestion was using maybe 3 slightly smaller diameter cylinders, just angled out a small amount so the top edge is completely inside the main trunk and the bottom edge would stick out a bit. Like this:

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that would actually work alot since it would make the environment look more alive, thank you.

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