Does a DMCA strike against an asset in a group affect the group / owner or the uploader

(Is this the correct category? I have no idea.)

If I am the new owner of a Roblox group that has stolen clothing uploaded by another user under the group, if those items receive a DMCA strike, will it affect the group or group ownership, is there a way I can get the clothing taken down without affecting the group and owner’s strikes.

When reading about this, Roblox has an article that states;
DMCA Guidelines | Roblox Creator Documentation.

Only the uploader of the content can use this email process to have their content removed. So please don’t use this process to submit reports about content that you didn’t post.

I am not the uploader of the content, therefor not able to archive the asset.

My question is, does a DMCA strike against an asset in a group affect the group / owner or the uploader.

Thank you for reading and let me know if this is the wrong category.

Can you elaborate on what affection you’re looking for with this question? Those vary depending on the DMCA and if it was the first or repeated offense.

I’m just wondering if the action if any taken by the DMCA on the asset will rely on the uploader of the asset or the group since it was uploaded to a group.

When a DMCA strike is filed onto a group asset, it falls under the group owner. Meaning the owner is affected.

Nope. It usually only falls onto the uploader of the asset. The group owner gets a strike in rare cases when the offense is big enough to loop the group owner into the blame.

Not to sure about clothing and such, but if a Roblox game gets striked then it falls under the group owners fault.

Honestly, not sure about that one. I know some examples of the devs getting striked for a cafe group that they were working on and only them getting copyright strikes on it instead of the group holder.

Group owners can make alt accounts, then join the group and upload infringing content. Groups do get affected. In a DMCA, you should add a sentence about thinking the uploader is an alt so that Roblox does go after the group.