Does a loading screen script need to be in ReplicatedFirst?

I’m creating a basic loading screen for my game using Knit and I’m nearly finished, but I’m wondering if I need to move this entire script to ReplicatedFirst? I don’t want players to see the unloaded map when they join and the loading screen only loads in seconds later, that would look pretty bad. So would this happen if I dont put the loading screen script inside ReplicatedFirst?

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It’s a good idea to put it into ReplicatedFirst, clone the gui inside of the script, and parent it to the player’s starter gui.

ReplicatedFirst is meant for LocalScripts that should load before anything else, like a loading screen. The objects in the script will load and the script itself will run before anything else in the game.

It isn’t necessary, but I would highly recommend it.

You can read more about it on Roblox’s documentation

Also, one of the first example in the documentation is a custom loading screen. Just thought that was funny lol

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