Does a material toggle button really help?

Hello! Recently, Me and my friends have argued if turning off materials, like a button on the side that turns off materials really does increase FPS. I personally believe it does if there are tons of parts but he says it’s just a myth and was wondering if it was true or not. Mainly asking this since I make bases for clans like forts and fairzones and wondered if turning off materials helps.

Yes it worked for me, talking about personal experince here. I used to play in a old pc awhile back, games like bloxfruits. It used to be laggy and high ping but when turning the fast mode on (materials off) it worked smoothly.

Yes because some people may have slower internet speed which will delay their loading for the textures or leave them with high ping

It also lowers FPS
If you’re adding this to your game, make a folder with all your meshed blocks and so when that certain button is clicked it removes the meshes (don’t put needed/important mesh blocks in this folder)

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I’m pretty sure this is mostly nonsense that people have thrown around because they don’t know any better. Roblox will not unload textures if you stop using them mid-session, so there is no benefit to memory usage to turning them off. If you join a game that uses some set of textures, Roblox will load them and never unload them until you leave.

I do not have a bad enough GPU to be able to test if there is a benefit to using exclusively SmoothPlastic with respect to render-time, but since there doesn’t seem to be any texture for the SmoothPlastic material, if Roblox special-cases this material like it does for Glass and ForceField, there is a chance there may be a small FPS improvement on extremely bad GPUs using SmoothPlastic exclusively since there is no need to map a texture while rendering objects.

I would be interested to see how much performance people with ancient GPUs gain, if any, if they switch all materials in their game to SmoothPlastic while they’re playing.