Does a player have to be a humanoid?

Well first you would need to make the camera track the model so just setting the subject.

Then you would need to make it move like a player.

It sounds simple but there are a lot more bits you would need to do. Those are just the 2 I can remember

More importantly, how do we remove the use of the humanoid in the first place?

What do you mean remove it? You could just set the players character to be nil i think

Do you have an example of what you mean?

By remove, i.e they dont show up and can’t control that character

Ye so you can just do


 player.Character = nil

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Alright, I guess this is the first step, bare with me having a go now :slight_smile:

I’ve actually just tried this code, and it doesn’t seem to work

Try just disabling Players.CharacterAutoLoads.

Where do you do that? In a script?

It’s a property of Players.

Yes, what you want to do is possible, and commonplace. Player.Character has to be a Model, it’s a typed C++ property, but it does not need to contain a Humanoid Instance. There are lots of games where your character is a vehicle, a block, or something else it makes little sense to have a humanoid in. Generally though, without the Humanoid, you do have a lot of extra work to do, because all of the Roblox player scripts (controls and cameras) are for a Humanoid-based avatar. You need to roll your own camera and input control, or fork and hack the player scripts to remove dependency on the Humanoid.

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Hmmm, do you know if there is any guides as such out there about it?

Not sure if there are any guides, but Chickyoid comes to mind when thinking of a non-humanoid oriented character system.

Chickyoid can be found here.

A player doesn’t need to include a humanoid, but it’s a lot easier if it does. You’re going to lose a lot of useful code and avatar clothing. But if you don’t care about that, you can put a character model named “StarterCharacter” into StarterPlayer service to spawn as that model. From there you will have to code input detection for WASD and spacebar + mobile inputs. To get animations, the humanoid animator object can be replaced for a AnimationController. Then you have to add your own custom health system, and a couple more things. So it’s a pretty big endeavor

Yeah, essentially I have custom blender models which are proving MASSIVELY difficult to turn into humanoids… That would be the better route, but after 7 days and nearly 100 youtube videos I’m starting to look for alternative ways of creating custom characters…

Rigging the model:

Non-humanoid animations:

Why are the custom models difficult to turn into humanoids? Should be a drag and drop thing no?

Maybe for some people, but i’ve tried a lot… there is all the animations in blender too which dont come across properly (flip the player upside down etc)

Roblox Studio is capable of doing many great things and it is possible to make a custom character without the humanoid, but I don’t understand why you would want that

you’ll have to script your own movement system
about camera you renderstep it to setting camera subject to custom char’s root

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