Does adding textures through the client instead of the server improve performance

I am making a tower defense game, and I want to optimize the “Enemies” so that the game las as little as possible when there’s hundreds of them.

I have already optimized their movement, though it is done from the server since the towers also exist in the server and I am not sure I should change that, especially considering the game is a multiplayer game.

So I was wondering if I could make the “Enemies” transparent, remove all their textures and add them from the client instead, and see a performance boost, or even better, just have them have 1 transparency then change it to 0 in the client.

These types of optimizations are the type that affect rendering. The server doesn’t render. That’s only done on the clients. So any optimization like changing textures or transparency and stuff like that will have no impact on the server.

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Well if theres hundered of them why not only load the textures for those that are mostly visible and change the rest to be simple shapes. When theres hunderds of them players eyes will blur them anyway. Ofc when one is removed you could then load the texture for the ones around it and are in better view.

How could I determine when one isn’t visible?

Well for example by the timing between spawns, the front and rear will be the original visibles. From there its just changing when removing other ones. Make the majority un textured

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