Does Animation affects Roblox Physics?

Hi Guys, so the question may sound weird but I would like to be clear. Basically, I want to know that does any animation affects Roblox Physics ? Like if a NPC is anchored and we apply animation to it, it moves like normal animation but it doesn’t fall off because of anchoring physics. So does animation affects physics ? Thanks :smiley:

I’m pretty sure if all the Parts of an NPC are Anchored true then no physics or animations should affect it.

Ok, but if in this situation, only HumanoidRootPart should be anchored, then would the animation be able to move the NPC according to animation ? I think it should.

Also, I made a NPC and every part of it was anchored, but still it was able to move according to animation I made and didn’t fell off because it was anchored, so I assume animation shouldn’t affect physics ?

I’m sure I’ve seen in other posts that Humanoid properties reset every frame. While you are testing go into the NPC and see if every Part in them is Anchored or not.
If all the Parts become Unanchored when you test or play the game then that might explain why the Animation moves the Humanoid.

Humanoid properties resets ? Ok, I’ll test it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Animation can not control physics, only the user can control physics.
For example, a player jumping is physics, but a player walking is animation.

Ok, thanks for your answer. Although you repeated it but fine.

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