Does Anybody Have The Animation ID Of The May 2014 Walking Animation?

I’m trying to find the animation ID for the ROBLOX walking animation from May of 2014. Here’s a GIF of what the animation looks like, I would really appreciate it if somebody could tell me the animation ID.

On 5/20/2014 the walking animation, was released on the Roblox catalog then after that Roblox. Removed that animation from the catalog! so you can’t get found the ID for the walking animation since’s it was removed from the catalog…

Darn…I wish someone could remake it.

Already on it. Just need the gif of it.

Hover it, right click, and click “Save Image As”. Or, you can use the YouTube video here:

Also footstep parameter and name is FootStep
Priority is set to Movement
This is as much time I am gonna spend for tonight, have fun with the animation. It’s not the best, but it’s something.

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Wow. I don’t understand why roblox removed it. It looks so damn awesome!

I know! I really wish I could hire an animator to remake it, it looks awesome compared to the walking animation we have now.

Tbh I’ll make you the animation if you want… It wouldn’t be to hard just need to look closely on how everything moves. Add me if you want need more info on what it looks like.

I have a YouTube video showing all angles so you can copy it.

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Ok I should be able to have it done later today just gotta figure out how I can share an animation.

Just give me the animation ID when you make the animation, and I can do the rest.

Are you sure? I mean I don’t have the Roblox Id I’ll do more research tho.

No, no. I mean, you make the animation, then LINK the animation (In my messages.) of it you made and I’ll do the rest.