Does anybody know an API to check Total Player Count?

Hey I need an http that returns how many players that are in a game ID in total, so all places together, how would I do this?

I saw that but I couldn’t make it work, I changed out the Id=100 to Id= and then my game id, just an empty table.

This requires universeId rather than gameId. Try the following.

Also would really recommend cleaning this up I did this kinda poorly and in a rush.

local HTTP = game:GetService("HttpService")

local function getPlayerCountFromPlaceId(placeId)
	local succ, res = pcall(function()
		return HTTP:GetAsync(""..placeId.."/universe")

	if succ and res then
		local universeId = HTTP:JSONDecode(res)["universeId"]
		local succ2, res2 = pcall(function()
			return HTTP:GetAsync(""..universeId)

		if succ2 and res2 then
			return HTTP:JSONDecode(res2)["data"][1]["playing"]


local playerCount = getPlayerCountFromPlaceId(364483307)
print("Place ID has "..playerCount.." players.")
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well are you sure it works, cause it is returning 0 right now

nvm just updated slowly, thanks!

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