Does anybody know how I could script my own camera just like the classic Roblox camera?

I need to make a custom camera for my game.

Initially, the camera was perfectly fine, and I didn’t need a custom-made one, but now the camera is broken, and I need a new one. The issue is that with the camera, the only way to turn it is to just click, you cannot drag.

I tried looking through the dev hub and through dev forums to find a fix to this, but either I couldn’t find one, or nobody would respond to me and help me fix it.

If you could just give me a little help with making this and how to make it, it would be greatly appreciated since the game would normally have a good player base.

Yes. The dev hub has several code snippets for this.

Could you by chance link me to one? I have a hard time looking through the dev hub.

You should be able to use these scripts by modifying them:
Customizing the Camera | Roblox Creator Documentation

I did not actually need to make a new system, it turns out that there was a script stopping the camera from moving.

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