Does anybody know why this ban script won't work?

So, recently I was making a ban script to keep a certain few lucky players out of my game, the script worked fine when I used usernames in the table but I didn’t want usernames since someone could easily change their username. I decided to replace the usernames with Id’s so I can ban them.

the script below is a server script in the server script service, I tried to use other tutorials from the dev fourm but they didn’t help out.

This is the code:

Explanations would be highly appreciated :grinning:

The issue is from using if instead of elseif along with way to many end statements. But this isn’t really a good method to begin with because it lacks scalability and impacts code readability. You are much better off doing a table search and if it comes back true then kick the player.

local banned = {}

    if table.find(banned,player.UserId) then
        player:Kick("You have been banned!")

A more simpler way would be to use the table.find function, and check if the Player’s ID who joined has a same value as inside the table:

local BannedUsers = {899315016, 1608083588, 1485345548, 1692531457, 119494498, 13265291, 834629979}

    if table.find(BannedUsers, Player.UserId) then
        Player:Kick("You have been banned")

This would be way better than checking for every value inside the table with tons of unnecessary conditional checks

Dang it you beat me to it lol

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Ok, thanks for your answer, I’ll try and see if it works.

I’ll try yours too lol, no worries

Thanks so much, works perfectly.

Oh yeah another side note, but do please format your code properly so that it’s easier for us to understand the issue :wink:

This is an example of a code block using ```

I personally wouldn’t spend the time adding id’s, i would work on making a datastore type ban system and all you do is put there ROBLOX username say like in a gui you make and then summit what you have to the datastore instead of going into studio every time and adding id’s.

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Thanks for the advice, will do.

That’s a nice idea, I might try it out.