Does anyone else use Armor Paint for textures if so is it reliable?

Due to substance painter being to expensive I’ve caught my eye on another software to texture models called Armor Paint I was wondering if it was reliable or not any feedback is appreciated, thanks!


have you watched some youtube vids on it? Try googling some reviews~ I personally haven’t used it (I use Procreate) but as long as it exports properly there shouldn’t be any issues with Roblox Studio (remember to not make the textures too large!)


I used armor paint briefly before getting substance painter. I would recommend getting it.


my issue with substance painter is its so expensive

You can try getting a student discount if its applicable to you

how? and how much is the discount?

You get a 60% discount I believe, sign up on adobe as a student, you just need to be going to a college or something and have a School ID or transcript for proof, that’s what I remember