Does anyone have a method to move non player trucks and helicopters?

Hi, I just need a method to figure out how to make an AI truck drive a certian point & a helicopter head to a point like an extraction cutscene.

So do you want a cutscene or an “AI” (NPC like) truck?
Does it follow a specific path or should it be able to find its way to something?

If the first one, you should probably use Cframes to move the truck over or something

If the second, you might want to look at roblox’s pathfinding thingie

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That’s a hell of a question bro… you need to tell more details of what you want and thinking. Anyone here can’t write a entire script of AI for you :confused:

Just looking for a method on moving it a pre defined path, should I use alignPosition, tween it etc.

I’m not asking for any type of code at all. I am just asking for a method to have a helicopter fly a preset route like an extraction system similar to warzone, or how to make a car drive a pre determined path.

the title is mad misleading ngl

not familier with tweening, but I would suggest using that as alignPosition doesn’t really solve the issue of moving the model, since you’d still need to move whatever its aligned to (from what I can understand)

I recommend watching YellowMustang’s Police AI video, skip to the part where he shows you how to calculate a vehicle’s steering correction and you should be set for the truck, I believe YellowMustang is working on an AI Helicopter as well, 2 birds with 1 stone

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