Does anyone have any original ideas for a horror game on roblox

does anyone have any original ideas for a horror game on Roblox


This belongs in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support
Just use the search bar theres probably tons of results

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this post was literally made a few minutes ago. development discussion is not a garbage can, stop using it as such. please do not continue to pollute this resource.


Just sayin’ you should cool it on the discussion topics. You’ve made 3 discussion topics in the span of <2 hours. Most if not all of them weren’t even in the right category.
Edit: still the wrong topic… #help-and-feedback:game-design-support is the correct one.

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ok thank you for informing me I was not aware of this

LOL if we told you OUR original horror game ideas and you took them for yourself then they wouldn’t be original anymore! Use your own imagination. You create the idea, roblox powers it.

i know but i can’t delete this post

He’s asking for suggestions. Not for you to share your entire horror game

I’m VERY late because i got locked out of my account thanks for the feedback