Does anyone here take GFX jobs?


Greetings. First let me say that I’m not sure if job-related posts are allowed on this thread. I mean, I don’t recall reading anything that prohibits this exactly, so I’m going to go and attempt to make a post here. xd

So, I’ve been single-handedly developing a bowling game the past few months. It’s been going alright, but I mean, I’ve been making everything. Like seriously, except the little building that’s in the game. I’ve had a graphics designer make a thumbnail and stuff for the game, but I’ve been thinking, I did design the game’s current user interface, and I really don’t think it’s that good at all. I feel like it could be a whole lot better, with graphics and stuff to make it pop, not just the regular Roblox UI elements I typically use.

I would pay in Robux for this, according to what you think would be fair. I’m not 100% sure I want to redesign this, at this time atleast, but I’m checking into it, as I don’t have any gfxers I can contact at the moment. But basically I would need this entire menu system to be remade, so it all matches and goes together and stuff…

But yeah, just let me know your thoughts on this, and also if you would be up for the job, I would ask for affirmations that you’re legit. (past work? etc…)

Here’s the game if anyone would like to see what I’d desire to remake:

Thanks guys!


“GFX Jobs”, as long you employ someone to work for you, it’s a Cooperation/Collaboration, therefore you have to move the thread here :
(or the private one for member + only)


Whoops! My bad. I don’t think I have the ability to do so, if some one has the ability to move this post, that would be terrific.


I know you’re pretty unsure about hiring a actual GFX Designer for your game, but to have it moved to the collaboration category, you must include a approximative price to avoid “surprises” with the collaborator,

Good luck :grinning: