Does anyone know a good font identifier website?

I have been trying to find the name of this font for a while now by using font identifier websites but none have shown any results does anyone know a good font identifier website or the name of this font?

1 Like Just use this it got a ton of fonts

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Thanks, Man got any ideas of like simple looking fonts?

If you just need to find some fonts, I’d recommend the following website:

I don’t think it can identify fonts but it is a good source of fonts, simple and otherwise.

Don’t know if you used this font identification site see: WhatTheFont.

With this website you download an image with the font your wanting the name too, drop the image in the identifier and it will scan and show you different options on many styled fonts related to the current one. It will basically identify the font of what text is being used in their designs.

I would consider taking a little look at this site you’ll need to download the image in order for the site to scan what font is being used. It will provide you with many results, choose the ones to your liking if you can’t find the original one you may find ones that catch your eye.

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