Does anyone know how AssemblyAngularVelocity works?

Hi, so I’m trying to make my own dark ride without using plugins,

I’ve looked at linear velocity, I had no problem.

However, I have no idea how the angular velocity works!

Does anyone know the calculation to turn a 75* angle into an angular velocity?

The angle in question is this.


AssemblyAngularVelocity works similarly to how AssemblyLinearVelocity in the sense that it is calculated based on physically driven BaseParts. Meaning the rotational speed of a part.

If you want to change the angle of a part you would have to change the angle of the part using:


If you want to rotate an angle by 75 degrees then your code would look something like this:

Part.CFrame = Part.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(75), 0) --we convert degrees to radians since CFrame doesn't use degrees

Alternatively, if you’re trying to rotate a model your code would look something like this instead:

Model:PivotTo(Model.PrimaryPart.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(75), 0))

Good luck!

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Yes, but I want to make a sort of track ride, meaning the track has to be ANCHORED and I dont know how to calculate the angle to move the cart