Does anyone know how to apply animations to parts?

So I was animating guns, I couldn’t find out how to apply the animations to the parts whilst in the tool, so I had to basically make a new slide and set the transparency to 0 then 1 every time the pistol/rifle shoots. I’m tired of this issue and looking for a replacement, I see guns everywhere have animations for the parts, I don’t know how to apply them though, instead, I have to use scripts to animate the parts… Tweening doesn’t work for me either… I feel really stupid here because I know this is a simple problem.

What does this mean it means you want animate parts or not?

I want to animate the parts plz

But i dont know how to apply the animated parts to the guns

Go to play test then copy your character and stop the play and put it in the workplace and paste the tool inside the character then animate

Ik how to do that, but how do I make it so the slide goes back when you shoot smoothly without lerping it or tweening it or making the trasparency different? I’ve seen other people do it

You should use MoveTo() I hope this helps


Alright, it’s not what I was looking for, but I’ll gladly accept this as a solution.

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1 more thing you can use CFrame to do so on the bullet


you might want to try this:How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)