Does anyone know how to change this?

Is there a way to change currency from euro to dollars?
Today i wanted to buy robux but for unknown reason roblox wants me to pay in euro instead of dollars. I remember that prices were always in dollars :no_mouth:(+they were cheaper)
back then i was paying 5$ for cheapest premium option/robux option, now i have to pay 6 EURO for same thing… what the hell is that??? :question: :question: :question:

Do you have by chance BTRoblox or any other extension installed?

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i dont have that extension, but why did you ask me about the extension?

Extensions usually convert currency to your local one so it eases your usage over the UI. try using a VPN over to New York or something, see if the currency type changes.

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oh i understand now, but as i know extensions can’t change the price of roblox premium/robux

What kind of currency do you use usd, cad, pounds, etc

i just want to change currency option to dollars, because i was always buying for dollars + it was cheaper for me

Roblox rolled out an update that buying Robux will switch to YOUR local currency. This also included gift cards. You must buy a gift card in your currency or it will not work.

More info here

They can’t, but they can edit the page into “translating” it.
For example:

  • on the original version, it shows, let’s say, 5 dollars for 500 Robux.
  • translating (or more generally used, converting) this values gives us 4,69 Euro, which is equal

So roblox changed currency for me (i have to pay more than before) and also raised the prices??? this is a scam… euro is NOT my local currency

it was 5 dollars before :frowning_face: not 6 euro

Fill out a customer support form. Roblox should automatically switched to your local currency.

Select gift card I think this would be the best option