does anyone know how to clone a model without the primarypart being removed from a local script

please oh pleasee oh my godd my whole game is broken and wont run atttttt alll because of this, everytime I start the game my laptop turns off and I get an error saying “0%” I dont know wahtt htat means but… I really need help so… read the title and tell me how to fix THX

Ok, you’re not being specific at all. Also, local scripts don’t have primary parts. What is your problem here?
If you want to clone a model via a local script, that’s not how it works. You must use a server script and put this:

local model = script.Parent --or wherever your model is
local newmodel = model:Clone()
newmodel.Parent = workspace

Name the PrimaryPart of your original model something significant, when you clone the model simply set the PrimaryPart property of the new model to the part that you want, which will have a name that distinguishes it from the other objects inside the model.

bhow do I do thjis but wi th a locasl script

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Fire a remote event to the server. You can see a page for RemoteEvents and how to use them here.

As @TestAccount563344 is correct, this will not be needed though. Why do you want to use a local script If I may ask?

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