Does anyone know how to flip gravity?

Does anyone know a way i could flip gravity in roblox? Like not just gravity itself i want the players to flip too so they can walk on the ceiling and not just float up. I’ve looked everywhere for a solution and this is my last resort. I’ve seen a few games do it but i can’t figure out how.

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You could try just flipping the entire workspace over by setting it’s primaryPart to a part at 0,0,0 (or whatever rotation point you want) and running

workspace:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(workspace.PrimaryPart.CFrame * CFrame.angles(math.pi/2,0,0))

This will turn everything over, including any unanchored parts.
There also are different gravity controllers such as this one: Wall stick/Gravity Controller (I am aware this doesn’t flip gravity, however it sets gravity in a direction, so perhaps you can see how it works and adapt it to your use case)


Ok i’ll try to manipulate that code somehow even though last time i looked through it it was extremely confusing…

Any success with this? I also want the same thing. But for individual players, so some are up, some down. Fliping the whole scene would apply to all :confused:


you can try adding a remote event in replicatedstorage that fires an event to the client of the player and then make a local script on the client that makes it so it changes the worlds gravity and since its only on the client only this player will have the effect