Does anyone know how to make people have the same package but still be able to have the same accessories, clothing and face

  1. What I you want to achieve?
    I need want people to have the same package. BUT still be able to customize their character with the avatar editor.
  2. What is the issue?
    I want people to customize their character but STILL have the same body package.
  3. What solutions have I tried?
    I used a package and named it “StarterCharacter” but still cannot change my avatar.
    AND yes I used youtube but they don’t fix my issue.

Please do not reply with " I don’t know " :unamused:

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Have you tried changing the game settings from the game setting menu in studio?

The only options are r6 , r15 and player choice

Pretty sure these are only for Avatar Evolution Beta


Try using HumanoidDescription and LoadCharacterWithHumanoidDescription inside a Script. Not local. This lets you load the characters with the package you want them to load with, whilst being able to customize it. If that helps

Try this link too if you need further reference.

I’ll check this one out first to see if it works.

I’ll check this one out first to see if it works.