Does anyone know of a good A* library

Hi everyone! I found a plugin that places nodes and includes a library, however it freezes when compiling a graph. I was wondering if anyone has made an open-source library for others to use. Thanks!

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A* is a simple system to implement but creating the Nodes and having a system to link them is the
bigger problem. Are you looking for a system like this?

Yes I am just looking for a system to link them.

Here’s the plugin I made to do it.

Just put that as a .lua in your plugins folder.

It’ll give you two options


It was made in 2016 and isn’t as refined as I’d like it, but it allows you to make a node system still. New Waypoint will generate nodes where you click. Hold shift and click a node to remove it and all its connections. Use Connect Waypoints to select two nodes and connect them.


Awesome! Thanks so much! (30 chars)