Does anyone know what these 2011 ROBLOX models do?

Theres a few of these seemingly related “Wired models” that were uploaded by roblox in 2011; does anyone know what these are and how to use them? They seem like a way to make a way for players to make logic circuits if I could get them working.


Those are some of the “wiring” items that were usable via in-game building tools (aka btools) in games such as Welcome to ROBLOX Building, games that enabled the old “Personal Servers” feature, etc.

As far as I can recall, the original ones have been broken for a long time (at least based on my experiences visiting several classic Roblox games that utilized those building tools).

Fortunately, the remade version of “Welcome to ROBLOX Building” by Maximum_ADHD has a system that’s reminiscent of the classic building tools, which also happens to include working versions of those wiring items (so that would be a good place to experiment with those to see how they work). As far as creating that kind of functionality with those items for your own games, I have no idea how to go about that, unfortunately!


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