Does anyone know what this is shader is called? [Blender support]

This is the effect its a shader mix between a noise texture, emission, transparent BSDF and a colour ramp.
I want to know the name it goes by because I literally am incapable of finding a 2.79b tutorial for how to make it.
Here is the video I found

and this person got inspiration from CG Patrick

The effect is called what the video says they are called, a fire effect. If you can’t find a blender 2.79 tutorial for it, I highly recommend you switch to blender 2.8 or even blender 2.92 as blender 2.79 lacks features necessary to easily produce an effect like that.

yea I honestly would rather stick to 2.79 I do use eevee on 2.9 but honestly I don’t like the control, I have been using 2.7 - 2.79 for too long I was just looking for if the tutorial was recreated somewhere else but thanks alot for your help and will take it into serious consideration :smiley: