Does anyone know why character's faces is not loading in Blender

here is the character in Blender


Maybe it’s not properly UV unwrapped. Try re-unwrapping it.
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actually i dont know how to do that

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Try searching for tutorials on Youtube. Youtube can be a great learning source!


DId you click the torso when adding the texture?

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what , this is in blender , i cant click the torso

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i cant find anything like that

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This is the tutorial I watched in order to learn about it. Check it out. If you need help don’t hesitate to PM me.

yes you can. If you are using a rig.

The normals might be flipped to, try flipping them again

i Export the whole character from roblox and i import it to blender

Try exporting the head and the accessorizes separate from the body.

yes i did , all the part are separated

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Export it from Roblox studio again, the texture is probably not exactly on the head.

Did you pick the right texture file? Maybe the file you picked wasn’t the right one. Usually you should pick either the first or last file( last file is for me.). If that dosen’t help, try UV Unwrapping. Hope this helps