Does building this way increase performance?

Hello all, I’m looking to increase performance by using a different building style than traditional building. I’ve been map making in Hammer (The source 2 map editor) and it seems the norm to building is by removing backfaces so nothing is rendered that isn’t being seen, I’ve made these small demonstrative hallways to show the concept:

Would this overall increase performance and be better for map builds for smaller devices like Phones and consoles?

I’d say it does but by so little it wouldnt matter

Hey @KM800!

In Short: Yes

It depends on the scale of your project, where you’ll see the most benefit from this type of build schedule if you have a huge world that’ll scale outwards. However building like this will cause future headache because you are baked in with your assets + errors with lighting / shadows galore.

Here’s my own usecase that scales well:

TLDR: Yes, but headache. Consider scope of your project before continuing.

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