Does :Clone() make an exact copy of the original script?

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    I want the script to make a new part named “Dungeon 1” with the variable “LevelNumber”, and every time the part is touched to add 1 to “LevelNumber”, so that each time a new part is created it is named “Dungeon 2”, “Dungeon 3”, and so on.

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    The problem is that I think when I clone the script it clones the script before the variable “LevelNumber” is changed, so that it basically discards the changes it made.

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    I think it’s something to do with the :Clone() function, maybe there is something I don’t know about (obviously)?
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    I want to know how I can clone the script including the variables.

-- This is an example Lua code block

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It doesn’t clone the current states of the script sadly. It just copies the script and the text within.

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Whenever you clone a script, its environment (a.k.a. the place LevelNumber was sitting in) gets reset. So that means each script gets its own LevelNumber, and each script starts with that variable equaling 1.

If you want that variable to be persistent across scripts, you can either set it as an attribute on the new script/door or create an IntValue instance under either of them. Once you update that and clone it, their new value will be retained.


-- ...
local LevelNumber = script:GetAttribute("LevelNumber")

-- in the event connection,
    script:SetAttribute("LevelNumber", LevelNumber + 1)
    -- clone the door/script

A couple of nitpicks:

  • the while loop will be creating a bunch of doors in the same position if you wait long enough (because a Door.Touched connection will be created every 1/30th of a second, with each one creating a door), just remove it and keep the event connection inside.

  • A possibly cleaner way of doing this is with a recursive function that gets called when the door is created:

-- make sure this script is outside this Door
local Door = -- door instance

local LevelNumber = 1
local function connectDoor(door)
    local conn
    -- not using door.Touched:Wait() in case of call stack overflow?
    conn = door.Touched:Connect(function()
        LevelNumber = LevelNumber + 1
        local newDoor = Door:Clone()
        newDoor.Name = "Dungeon " .. LevelNumber
        newDoor.Position = door.Position +, 0, 10)
        newDoor.Parent = workspace

local firstDoor = Door:Clone()
firstDoor.Name = "Dungeon 1"
firstDoor.Parent = workspace
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You don’t need to add the while true loop. If you only add Door.Touched it will be constantly checking already.
You should keep the script disabled at first then clone it and enable it.

oh ok I get it now, thank you! :grinning: