Does DevEx check all of your accounts?

Does DevEx check all of your accounts via IP/MAC address? The issue here is, I have a lot of accounts, and I had some of them banned because of decals I have uploaded. I don’t have a history of scamming, just bans and warnings on decals. As you may know, uploading images on Roblox is annoying and can get you banned if you have some kind of unreadable text in the image so, I upload images on alternate accounts so, my main account won’t get warnings and a possible ban. I don’t want to invest a lot of time and money on advertising just to get rejected by DevEx in the future. My main account is clean just a note.

Here’s a picture of a ban in one of my accounts(The image was just a ROBLOX character which was a woman):


I don’t think that’d be a big problem. Only thing that can effect your DevEx is how you got the robux. If you got it from development then it wouldn’t be a problem.

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In the DevEx Terms of Service, it states that they have total discretion on whether to approve your payout or not. One of the things they mention as something they look at is your standing in the community(moderation history).


I have heard that Roblox tracks your MAC address to track alternative accounts.

I recommend you use something to change your MAC address, whenever you make new accounts, or just occasionally, when you don’t wanna get tracked.

I’m so glad that the only way we get to know about internal things is if they get exposed (only learnt about this from the recent social-engineering attack).

You might also wanna use a VPN 24/7 as Roblox just checks your IP first.


How would I go to changing my MAC address? I know how to hide my IP but not MAC address.

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There’s an app called Technitium MAC address changer that you could check out. Also, there are tutorials on YouTube telling you how to go about changing it.


Do NOT use an IP/MAC Address changer to attempt fooling the DevEx system

  1. Attempting to fool the DevEx system to get accepted is obviously not allowed.
  2. Doing so will make things much worse if you plan to make money from DevEx in the future
  3. There is a high probability that they can still see any accounts you have if they shared the same IP/ Verified Email address at some point.

With all that out of the way, here is what you should know:

  • Small moderation infractions such as warnings will probably not affect your eligbility.

  • If you have moderation actions for severe rule-breaking, this does not necessarily mean that you will never be able to devex. The developer exchange team can be forgiving at times, and even if your first devex is rejected, it does not mean that all future devex requests will also be rejected. As long as you are earning all your robux legitimately.

  • The DevEx process is handled by real people - not some automated system that can be fooled. DevEx requests can get rejected for reasons other than moderation history. Sometimes these reasons are small and can be fixed. Just make sure to communicate with the devex team if you have any issues

Personally, my first ever devex was rejected as well as many of my friends who use DevEx. Most of the time (including for me), contacting the devex team and resolving our issues lead us to having our future DevEx requests accepted.

Do not try to fool the DevEx system, instead follow the rules and communicate with their support team if there are any issues.

I advise you to read the DevEx guidelines for all the info that you might need:


They don’t talk about it not being allowed. Also, if that were true, literally every single top-tier developer would be banned / out of the DevEx program. A lot of people use VPNs for safety/privacy reasons. Especially since studio plugins used to be able to grab your IP with a link without it ever notifying you about it.

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I didn’t say VPN’s are bannable.

I said using VPN as an attempt to make yourself look like you are not associated with banned accounts is not allowed since you are basically trying to fool the DevEx team to accept your request

Fooling the DevEx system is more of a “moral” thing. Roblox hasn’t been so nice with the code flagging stuff, so that shouldn’t move you at all.

The only reasons they listed for why you would be denied from DevEx are the rules on the DevEx page and the rules on the ToS (the ToS doesn’t touch at all on the MAC address changing stuff):

  1. Scamming
  2. Account Theft
  3. Attempting to exchange Robux for real currency other than through DevEx
  4. Other suspicious activity that is used to exploit other Roblox users or Roblox feature
  5. Any illegal or unethical activities

If you got banned for simply uploading an image of a female Robloxian, then shouldn’t you appeal?

Judging by the appeal date, you could assume that he already did and that he can’t appeal it now.

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