Does employing a reserved server-reliant game affect main playercount?

Ive searched around a bit for this question but haven’t immediately been able to find an answer. Im considering of changing my game to operate on the utilisation of reserved servers (players join a queue in one big server and are teleported to a respective reserved server with the map and gamemode they queued for) to reduce memory and improve performance when playing the game by splitting the games content up.

My question is, when utilising reserved servers in this way, do the players that get tped to the reserevd servers get removed from the main game’s (obviously the large lobby) playercount for the time that the players are in a reserved server? I know this may not seem like a huge deal but as the game’s community will be starting from the ground up having players tp away to a reserved server and reducing the ‘Active’ count on the main game for the time being may harm a players decision to join after clicking an advert (The game looking seemingly empty when players are just in reserved servers)

No those players will not be removed from the playerscount as they are still in your game