Does exporting Roblox's content for off-site use violate TOS?

Hi DevForum, I want to know who to contact for permission to export Roblox’s packages, accessories etc., if I even need permission, or if a staff member or Roblox has publicly stated that exporting their stuff is allowed. Roblox of course allows the exporting and usage of their materials due to the fact that there is an Export button in studio, and because they don’t discourage the making of GFX, but according to sources on the DevForum and from Roblox themselves, you can only use their assets on their platform, and exporting for use on a third party platform is not on their platform.

So far I have messaged the Community Sage if it is necessary to receive their permission to “use Roblox made stuff.”

Is there anywhere which Roblox or a staff member actively or passively allows the off site usage of their assets? Thanks!

I think by only using assets on their platform means you can’t just download a bunch of assets and put it in a game you are publishing on something like Steam. You can use it, as long as it is for Roblox related development/projects.


Basically to give an example from @KdudeDev:

A guy makes a unity game with assets ripped from roblox and uploads to apple store, BANNED.

A guy makes a gfx with assets ripped from roblox for roblox developemnt on roblox, not banned.


Roblox does not care if you’re using their assets in 3D art, GFX specifically.

They likely will if you make a game using their assets.

This section from the Roblox help talks about using products and such for fanart, which is basically what GFX is:

Basically what this is saying that it is generally “okay” and “acceptable,” but to pull up the TOS

Roblox states that their assets are free to use on their platform, but say you have a scenario like this:

Steve signs a contract with Phil stating he has the right to reproduce Steve’s paintings as long as he has a license from company XYZ
This would not be an infringement

Phil’s license to reproduce paintings expires, but Phil still continues to do so.
This is an infringement of Steve’s copyright.

This is what it is like to use Roblox’s assets for off site purposes.

Now of course Roblox has been turning a blind eye to stuff like this for years upon years now; what’s one possible solution to make this all legal and dandy?

Have Roblox modify the following quote from

To state this instead

That means it technically isn’t allowed to create an animation about roblox and then you shove it on youtube to make a profit?

I see millions of those and they don’t get taken down, even roblox sometimes promotes them :thinking:

I believe the same thing can apply to GFXs though I may just be over-stretching it.