Does :GetRoleInGroup() & :GetRankInGroup() still cache?

Does :GetRoleInGroup() & :GetRankInGroup() still cache? I know back in 2018 they changed it so it would cache, so many people switched to :GetGroupsAsync()

But does it still cache? I am asking this because I see so many people disregard :GetGroupsAsync() and go for :GetRoleInGroup() & :GetRankInGroup().

It appears to have some caching behaviour, yes (note the difference in times between first and subsequent calls):

Interestingly though it appears to uncache and update after about a minute. As you can see my rank goes from 1 to 0 when I left the group, but doesn’t go back up to 1 when I rejoin:

Then again, around a minute later it updated again (I did this off recording):