Does GuiService:IsWindows still works?

On the dev wiki, it says it’s deprecated, but I wasn’t able to find any alternative to it.
I’m also a Mac user and doesn’t have a Windows computer at home, so I can’t verify by myself if it still works.

If it’s deprecated in the sense that it doesn’t work anymore or isn’t reliable enough, and no alternative exists to it, then I’ll have to change some things in my device detection function.

Why do you need to detect the OS of the user?

Apparently yes.

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Because my device detection function relies on it:

local function GetClientDeviceType()
	local gs = game:GetService("GuiService")
	local uis = game:GetService("UserInputService")
	local screenWidth = workspace.Camera.ViewportSize.X
	if gs:IsTenFootInterface() then
		return Enum.Platform.XBoxOne
		if uis.TouchEnabled and not gs.IsWindows then -- Some Windows-running laptops have a touch screen, so we must also make sure the OS isn't Windows.
			if screenWidth > 959 then -- At my knowledge, tablets usually have a screen width greater than 960px
				return Enum.DeviceType.Tablet
				return Enum.DeviceType.Phone
			return Enum.DeviceType.Desktop