Does having a lot of parts/meshparts affect performance?

So im making a highway for my game so I made 1 small model to easaly duplicate for easy road creation.

My queston is does this affect performance to have this many parts in the game?
If so I can resize it to make it 1 long part instead of a lot of small ones.
Its all made out of parts exept that guardrail, thats a meshpart.

thanks =)

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Yes, this will impact performance. I would highly recommend resizing to use the least amount of parts possible.


this will absolutely eat up performance, i recommend not only minifying the amount of parts but also ensuring content streaming is enabled

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Well, it’s all just a game of counting faces, the more there is, the laggier it gets. Turn on Wireframe Rendering to view the faces and see if there’s a lot of them or not.


Thanks, I will resize everything so it’s not that many parts

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Don’t ever do that. It’s very bad practice.

Just resize the parts to as long as you want, no need to keep duplicating the same part 1000 times just to make a long road.

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Another question: all those white stripes are parts so are still bad for the performance, if I make them invisible and add a white stripe texture to it will that make it any better?


What do you mean white stripes? You mean he white parts of the road?

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Yes, the white lines. I see a lot of games have them invisible and with a texture on them so is that better for performance?

Maybe. Textures and parts are different so I guess

If you do want the parts to be resized then i’d suggest looking into greedy meshing algorithm
Devforum post on greedy meshing

Looks sick but I think that’s only for blocky games like bedwars or minecraft games in roblox

It could work for anything, Roblox uses this for their Unions objects. With the right mindset, you could achieve it.

I know but resizing seems way easier to achieve

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