Does I can create my own character in Blender only for my game, and can I make custom clothes for it?

In a week I create my realistic character with bones in a blender. But I have 1 problem - people in my game have to choose clothes. And I don’t want to use any ROBLOX avatars by default because of their physics. And now I have some important questions for me:

  • can ROBLOX ban me for a character without clothes?

  • should I add non-removable clothes to the character mesh, or add a character and clothes in the form of 2 different meshes, and then put clothes on the character?

  • or I can’t create characters like this at all?

Also, I’m don’t want to make innaporiate game with this character, just adventure game.

As long as your avatar isn’t without clothes it’s fine but make sure that the clothes you design respects the roblox template minimum area that has to be filled

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I think you can create this, but as @NinjaFurfante07 said, you should be allowed to make this, as long as the player wears clothes by default.

As a solution to your issue regarding moderation of a clothing-less avatar, make the default character mesh(es) have undergarments (as a texture for example) on them, so even if you remove all the equippable clothes, you will still be left with the undergarments.

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Do you mean something like this?

Yes, exactly like that. You can easily tell even without equippable clothes that the avatar is indeed wearing something.

I find studio bug
This’s just finger with 2 bones which was moved by animation.
But I can’t report it due to Regular role requared

And thank you - I’m don’t get ban for this :slightly_smiling_face: