Does inapporiate variable name,... can make me get banned? :D

So, i guess you have read the title, i have this question in my mind when reacting to some funny code, sorry if this is off-topic! Thanks!

(I want to get a example but i guess im would be cancelled lol)

(sorry for my horrible english skill, its my first time posting a topic :D)

I don’t think that you should use kind of variables, idk if you can get banned or not but still there are chances that you can get banned because the mod will look at your game to see if there are any weird things that break ROBLOX TOS. I would tell you that mostly do not use any inappropriate things even though mod might not see it as if you use it then you can forget the functions and variables many uses!


full post: Response to code safety review discussion


do everything (comment, variable, function,…) count on this?

I’m sure you can use any variable name you wish as long as the player never sees it.

function fruitloop(ICanNotBelieveTheyHeldTheButtonThatLong)
	if ICanNotBelieveTheyHeldTheButtonThatLong == true then