Does it have potential?

Hi, I recently returned to Roblox Studio, and I’ve been working on a game for a short while now. What do you think, does it have potential?

It’s supposed to include standard modes like capture the point and team deathmatch, but with a twist - it’s set at night using night vision. I would appreciate a thorough review of my work, taking into consideration that it’s in a very early stage of development :smiley:


The game is interesting, though there are a lot of issues.

The floor where I aim is just a walk-through.

The blinking sometimes leads to a permanent black screen.

During the use of the flash light, the gun is in the way.

Equipping the Night Vision goggles just drags you forward.


Does the ring shown in the first image above use an UIAspectRatioConstraint eith a Ratio of 1?

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