Does it lack something?

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Hi! I have been working on a movement and a camera system lately and this is what I came up with:

It currently has:

  • Directional Movement.
  • Bobble with some noise movement using perlin noise.
  • Basic movements like crawling and crouching and sliding.
  • Vaulting and mantling onto ledges. (Does not support movement along a ledge)
  • Smooth camera system which adapts to how the head moves and the speed of the character.

Nothing too special so I am asking you guys to give feedback on what it lacks! I tried to be as realistic as I could so… yea…

It isn’t currently done because I notice some bugs here and there which are super rare and hard to replicate but I’ll fix em eventually.

  • Amazing Job on this! It lacks nothing!
  • Good job! There is something that it lacks and it is in the replies so I won’t respond.
  • Good job! There is something that it lacks and I listed it in the replies.
  • Bad job. It needs to be remade completely.

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I hope you guys like this because I worked like a week for the movement system and a day for the camera system. (A day for camera because I make too many camera systems.)

Bye! (_ _)。゜zzZ


I suggest making the camera not go through the walls. More immersive if it doesn’t do that.


actually you should move a bit the first person camera offset (when you slide you can see inside your body) but after all that’s super good!

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As I said that it is not complete yet. I do have that in mind.

I get the slide part but what do you mean by the other thing? Orrr they are the same?


i mean at 0:26 when the animation starts

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Okay, but in what direction should I add offset? Up? Left?

at the height of the eyes would be better, so upper (only in first person, since the third person looks good)

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I won’t do it generally but when sliding sure.

I still need to combine my 2 scripts so would be hard haha… Anything else you would like to add or change? Hm?

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